Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Seattle -

- Was awesome.

The people seemed a bit funky sometimes, mostly those in the older crowd. It must be because they have extra narrow streets or something...I don't know what it is, but they seem a little bitter about something. However, the city, itself, was beautiful. JK, BK, AK, EK, and I all had a picnic at a park overlooking the P Sound. It was great and there was a homeless man playing his newpaper like a flute in front of me so that was pretty guy. We also went to Pike's farmer's market, which was awesome!! One of the best I have ever been to. There were homies throwing gigantic fish to each other, which was a really popular show. I didn't get why everyone was so into it...but it was entertaining, I guess.

I mostly liked rooting for the crawdads attempting to excape from these big barrels. I wanted to free them, but the fish throwing homies on guard looked pretty tough. Also, there was a jam/preserves stand that let little AK taste all the different flavors of jam that she wanted, so I thought that was pretty rad. And, I wouldn't ever say that I am a true-blue flower person...I don't really get the whole dozen roses thing, but I am a sucker for peonies, and then when you wrap them in that brown industrial paper, like Meryl Streep in the Hours - whew baby , I am down for the count. And this farmer's market had the best looking peonies arranged in just such a manner for only $5...rediculous. I was in heaven. I wish I had my camera on me at the time because the whole place was full of color and interesting things and people.

As far as my B-day went, seeing the K crew made for the best anniversaire ever. The day started off hot, with us getting our blood pumping to Carmen Electra's workout video. I even got to see Harry Potter. It wasn't easy, but we got the job done, and I wasn't dissapointed. The film was a little crammed and rushed at the end for my taste...but let's be real ya'll, those books are super long. Then, to top off the B-day week, Jana made me the best dinner surprise ever! The meal for the evening was Cafe Rio burritos...delish. She rocked it. And it even came with a cupcake topped with 21 candles. Not actually 21 individual candles, because that would have been a lot for a cupcake to hold, but a "2" and a "1" candle which, when joined together, make the number 21.

Two regrets on the trip, though.

Regret Number One: I ran out of time and we were unable to do the Underground Seattle Tour. That sounded pretty wild. It is a city...under a city. Like a lost world...

Regret Number Two: I fell asleep at around 4 pm or so on the last day I was there and I am pretty sure that AK tried to wake me up about 4 times to come play, and each time I was like,
'Holy smokes little AK, what are you doing? Auntie M is trying to take a siesta!" Not cool. And when I awoke, realizing what I had done (because I had been in a very groggy state), felt like the worste aunt in the world. Hopefully she forgives me.


josher said...

ah i love Sea-town. . .i want to move there!! I bet you saw a lot of coffee and bikes!

Ben said...

I'm pretty sure she's let it go. She's pretty forgiving and forgetful. Plus any mention of a princess tea party is a quick fix for any wrong. JK