Sunday, July 12, 2009

I wish --

Every night was SYTYCD night.

It is a full on addiction now. Phillip, I am going to miss look like you are twelve. One of my regrets right now...I am going to miss the next season, this fall, and probably a season or two after that. Insha'Allah because I pray that the show will carry on for many moons. I am so happy that Jana was so blessed to have met Dominic and at the same time, I may never forgive her for it. Did anyone see that Argentinian Tango?? Oh man! Steamy. Janette is awesome. The only thing is...I really wish that she would stop talking to everyone like they were a dog or a baby. Has anyone else noticed that? Everything she says goes: "Oh, you danced that incredibly, yes you did!!...I thought that was beautiful, oh yes I did!...We loved every minute of it...yes we did" It bothers me more than the shreiking, but they both aren't my favorite. If anyone wants to have SYTYCD parties, I am down.

P.S. I can't stand Evan. Each week that he is still on makes me die a little because all he can do is Broadway. I am sure he is a nice person, but definitely not my fave...

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