Friday, June 5, 2009

Best Day Ever

A perfect day in Paris starts with a perfect nap in the park.  This is one thing Kylie and I are super good at.  Give us a soft patch of grass and we will sleep like a homeless person's drugged cat.  But to precede the napped, we needed to pick the perfect place and the perfect baguette. We found both in front of Invalide.  We also went to the open air market that morning and bought the best strawberries of all time.  While finding the best strawberries, we stumbled across some really nasty smelling fish.  No thanks.
I have absolutely no use for spices out here, but I wanted to buy some from this man because he rocked the display.  

So the picque-nique in front of Invalide consisted of cheese, une baguette and strawberries.

Perfect...then we slept for a few hours and woke well rested and sun burned.  My sunburn has already turned into a pretty awesome tan.  I wish I could say the same for Kylie.  All I am going to say is Barcelona is going to be awesome.  

After nap time, we realized it was too late to go to Invalide and see Napoleon's tombe, so we walked to a different park instead.  This time the Tuilerie gardens, our frequent stomping grounds.  The goal was to get some homework done... Kylie and I pretty much just held our journals open in our laps, but I think the fact that we just made the effort to get them out at all, made us feel pretty accomplished.  However, we were really just passing the time checking out EuroHotties and enjoying the sun.  Due to a series of unfortunate events and lots of things blowing into the foutaine, the EuroHottie from across the way from us decided that 2 seconds of eye contact was an invitation (typical french) and came over to talk with us.  Only, unfortunately, EuroHottie was a EuroNottie.  Somehow that small distance from across the pond made him much more attractive than he really was... so that was disappointing. Fortunately we needed to meet some people for a play, so we had an excuse to get out of that one.  EurNottie was not great, but he was still no competition for the crepe stalker of the Bastille.  I'll still be looking for you on facebook Mr. Fyfe, the picture with your scarf held seductively over for face... who know to which one I am referring.  

After leaving EuroNottie, I was walking down the Rue de Rivoli and ran into Napoleon Bonaparte, so I had to take a picture with my favorite imperialist.  He was a saucy one.  He started off by asking if I wanted to take the picture with his clothes on or off?  ON is just fine Napoleon.

He was from Argentina, so his Napoleon gig is only temporary, but I think he did a pretty good job.  I am sure Napoleon was pretty cheeky himself.  In one letter to Dear Josephine he wrote, "I'll be home in three days...don't bathe."  What a dirty little bloke.  

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

But Surprisingly Upbeat

Today was visit Frances largest cemetery day. Père Lachaise if you were wondering.  To make things extra dreary, they were having the memorial services for AF 477 at the Notre Dame. Very tragic, but cool to able to be here and see it. 

So to make sure that everyone was in good spirits before heading to Père Lachaise, we went to get some of the best gelato... known to man

I love Amerino's.  It is such a tender mercy in my life.   If you get it in a cone... they make it in the shape of a flower!!

Not only does their gelato taste amazing, but it meets all my other needs.

Free water: Check
Clean bathrooms: Check
Seating without extra charge: Check
Ascetically Pleasing: Check

so good

At last, we ended up at the cemetery.  
(Kylie, Ryan, and I)

Talk about a ghost town... har, har, har... ah kills me.  I am too punny for my own good.

I live on the street named after them... so that is the relevance of this picture. Kylie and I had to show our respects.

And then Oscar Wilde... where would I be without all his witty quotes?  That definitely is les bises worthy.  

This tree was bleeding.  The tree was BLEEDING, PEOPLE!!!

Oh, you could cut the tension with a knife.

This one was just funny.  It reads "Finally Alone".  

This tomb was open a little bit and I wanted to see what was inside... It was a lot deeper than I expected.

Here we have they Bigot family...I am sure they were really popular.

This cat, I don't know where it came from or what agenda it had... but it really creeped me out.  Maybe it really did just decide a sieste in a cemetery is just as good as anywhere else, but I never see cats just walking around Paris unless they are drugged up, sitting next to a homeless person and this one was just lounging next to Chopin's grave...very curious.

So emo... So Pere Lachaise...


The End