Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Idea For Theme of Wedding

I have a lot of friends who are getting married at the moment and so I have read my fair share of wedding magazines and I have been checking out what Martha has to offer.  Maybe I even made a log in for theKnot.com and registered at Pottery Barn (It was fun).  But, of course, it was all done in the name of friendship......This post was really not supposed to get this personal.  ANYways,  after mulling over wedding themes...I discovered the perfect one.










I'll just leave you to think about it...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yamagata Update

Apparently 30 Rock's Jane Krakowski (AKA Jenna) was also at City Winery for the Rachael Yamagata concert.  I did not see her...but this means we breathed the same air.

I did not see very many celebrities while I was in New York, but I must have some underlying psychological connection that drew the people of 30 Rock to me because I also saw "Frank" walking down 5th avenue.  And I strolled by 30 Rockafeller several times...soooo if that doesn't prove that I am destined to be best friends forever with Tina Fey, then I don't know what does. It just makes sense because we are both SO funny...ahem, joke. But really Tina, Amy & Maggie.  Sounds good. So many great monikers...TAM, ATM...then MAT..that would be the slightly less attractive model. Stanger things have happened.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From the words of Ms. Yamagata - "Permission to Obsess"

Don't file a restraining order just yet...but still, as much as I liked Rachael Yamagata avant the concert...that love has grown exponentially post concert. She made my New York. I know...most of her music is dark and dreary..but her personality is certainly not. She was charming. I was charmed. She was witty, flirty with the audience, interesting...everything you could ask for. She was completely comfortable making fun of herself so it just made for an enjoyable, at-ease kind of show. It is always fun to hear the stories behind the songs and she was really light about the whole song development process. Her songs clearly pack a wallop, but that's where she seems to put it, into the songs. When she was describing the evolution of "Elephants" she joked about it along the way for the sake of keeping things from getting too deep and awkward (just a little bit deep)...and then concluded, "I don't know....It could be a load of s--- anyway. You tell me." And really...if you think "Elephants" is beautiful and moving via recording...you should experience it live. It was incredible. You will be changed, and that is a promise. I wont go into detail for fear of entering realms of clique-ness..but I will leave you with on word -- "raw".They did some incredible instrumentals, too. They incorporated a mini-trumpet, clarinet, cello and did some funky work with the guitar that I really liked.

Co-preforming was Dan Wilson. Never heard of him previously, sorry to say. Apparently he recently earned himself a Grammy, so go him. He was pretty funny as well and his music was not too shabby. For the most part, since the concert I have been listening to his song "Sugar" on repeat. The lyrics are grand.

So, to say the least it was a very intoxicating experience...both because of the exceptional music and the thick smell of wine in the air. Not complaining about either.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sealed w/ a Kiss

Tonight I leave for NYC. Thank you life for kicking my trash right up until departure. I needed that.

Top of the To Do List:

1.) SNL (mon rĂªve) / The Daily Show Tapings
2.) Yankees vs. Cubs Game (new Yankee stadium)
3.) Shopping (anywhere)
4.) Museums: The Frick / The Met
5.) Eating? (See #3)
6.) Rachael Yamagata
7.) Broadway showing: TBA
8.) Buildings: 30 Rock/ Empire / Chrysler
9.) Running in Central Park (weather permitting)
10.)Easter Mass as St. Pat.'s.

It's gonna be BIG.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Water March

I may not be Catholic...but this year I pretty much did lent...just minus 9 days and the religion part (but I not saying it was not a spiritual experience). For the month of March (you should note that March is 31 days..not 28, 29 0r 30) my amigos and I opted to nix all liquids besides water. I threw in no cereal w/ milk as well, just for good measure. Cereal is one of my loves (your Vanilla Special K (w. bananas and rasberries) is my heaven) so to make it extra challenging, I decided the serious sacrifice needed to be made.

My friend Tim suggested that I continue the tradition, but dedicate future months to other liquids...for example Hot Chocolate. As much as I like a challenge (and strictly consuming hot chocolate in the month of July would certainly be the greatest challenge of anyone's life. I don't care what you've been through.) you can just assume that that will not happen in my near or far future.

Anyways, finally April Fools rolled around, but there was no funny business. We broke Water March at Cafe Rio (where else?). On the menu: Me - DP, Andie - Diet Coke, Renee - The hard stuff. Raw Coke. It was overwhelming for my palate. So much flavor. Afterward, it was like Forrest Gump when he goes to the White House for the first time after he is an All-American football player. He drinks 13 Dr. Peppers and when he meets the president he says "I gotta go pee"...very similar.

So...that's all I have to say about that.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Paper Raped

I am pleased to announce that my friend Renee Bush has officially been published. Location: Urban Dictionary. I am not surprised, it was bound to happen sooner rather than later. You are lucky to have her UD. She has been honored for her canonization of the phrase "paper raped". We are all very proud of her and a certainly support all her endeavors, in urban literature and otherwise.

This is the product of her labors:
1.paper raped1 thumb up love ithate it

it is a situation one finds himself or herself frequently in college, when two or more papers are due in different classes in a short period of time. This results in staying up late, putting off everything else, and writing paper after paper until you feel like quitting school.
How to use this term:

You: "Sorry man, I can't do anything this week. I have two papers due today, one tomorrow, and one the next day."

Me: "Dang, you are totally getting paper raped right now."

You: "Yep, it sucks..."

I gave it a thumb up...you should too.

- M