Friday, December 12, 2008

The Granny of the Century

She's officially 100...this time it's for keeps.

G is for Grinkles, and Grinkles is for Granny Wrinkles. But you don't have many.
G is for Ganster, because you live in a place that is scary at night...and sometimes in the day, too.
G is for Give Me Some Sugar...your wish is my command.
R is for Reese's Pieces Cereal...because you like candy for breakfast.
A is for anemia, thank goodness for California peaches.
N is for nail biting tornado ride..but not for your cousin because he was too chubby.
N is for Nickelodeon and a good southern breakfast. You made my childhood complete.
Y is for Yodeling...I like it when you sing

Bonne Anniversaire!
Granny Beasley


Friday, December 5, 2008

All I Want For Christmas Is....

  • Andie's Christmas CD: CHECK

  • The Soundtrack and DVD to Les Choristes:

It's a beautiful story about troubled orphan
boys who are saved through the inspiration of music.
Especially one boy...who has the face of an angel,
the character of the devil!
  • Gateway battery charger:
I bought a new was faulty. It's really frustrating
to try to type while you have to hold the battery cord in. Spare me...