Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Anthro just did a great service to humanity and came out with a gazillion beautiful new colors for their latte bowls. I am frantic! Seeing as I am going on a mission...I do not have a whole lot of reason to buy these latte bowls, but I am the youngest child in my family and we babies are impulsive, addiction prone, terrible bread winners and rebelious by nature - just ask science. So really, one impulsive purchase of idylic latte bowls wouldn't be so bad, compared to that line up. I'd be doing pretty well compared to the rest of the crack smoking youngest siblings out there in the world. And...Is it wrong to buy the most beautiful thing you have ever seen in your life?! I say nay.

They now come in: Plum, Pine, Sky Blue, Lime, Currant, Ochre, Orange Motif, Teal, and Indigo -- I love every single one of them. And did I mention I already have a set of Cherry and Baby blue ... 'cause I do. Another reason why I could really hold off on the purchase....Go check it out.


as if you didn't already know...


Cait said...

You should buy them and we'll keep them safe until you get back.

Brittany said...

When my day of marriage comes, you know exactly where my registry will be at. I am assuming it will be the same for you as well?